Shanna Swendson (shanna_s) wrote,
Shanna Swendson

Preparing for CoughCon

My crazy con weekend is about to begin. I'll be at FenCon all weekend, though I suspect this will be a low-key convention for me because I still don't have a lot of stamina. The cough isn't nearly as bad, and I finish the antibiotics tonight (thank goodness, because the weird metallic taste they cause is driving me nuts), but I'm definitely not my usual perky self, and I may not be around much when I'm not on programming.

Right now, I'm listening to the marathon of season 2 of Haven while doing my usual morning work stuff. I'll either watch the season premiere when I get home tonight or when I get up in the morning. And then I won't be able to talk about it all weekend because no one else I'm around will have seen it. I'll be torn between wanting to tell all and wanting to sing out, "Spoilers!" like River Song on Doctor Who.

This weekend's panels will include one on TV shows that were cancelled too soon, Doctor Who, fairy tale themes in current entertainment, and Phineas & Ferb. I'll also be doing a reading, probably an excerpt from Much Ado. My reading is Sunday morning, and by then, I hope the cough will be gone enough that I can read. Then again, I can seldom do good readings at FenCon because it tends to be RagweedCon for me. Coughing is only slightly different from sneezing when it comes to enhancing a performance. Someday, I'll be healthy and well-rested before this convention. I think I started a bad trend when I went through my first FenCon sleep-deprived after my whirlwind trip to the Serenity premiere. I'm amazed that they wanted me back.

And now I think I need a mid-morning nap to recharge myself for this afternoon and evening.
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