Shanna Swendson (shanna_s) wrote,
Shanna Swendson

Happy Book Day!

It's new book day! After long years of waiting, Much Ado About Magic is available in English.

Before I head off to herd second-graders around art and music camp (and since it rained all night, we may not get our playground time), here are the order links that I know are live:

Barnes & Noble

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Others will be added as I learn about them, after I get home from herding kids. Much as with regular bookstores, the various online sellers don't always "shelve" e-books as soon as they get them. Any other questions? Check the FAQ.

I would really like to show my former publisher just how wrong they were not to publish this book by having it be a huge smash (or I would at least like to make enough money from it to buy a new dishwasher). But to do that, I need the help of my readers. What can you do to help?

1) Buy the book (duh).

2) Mention it on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, relevant online forums and message boards, or whatever other venue you have, though standing in the street and shouting may not be very effective. You can "like" the book for Facebook from the Amazon or B&N page. Or "like" the Enchanted, Inc. series Facebook page.

3) Once you've read it, you can post a review at Amazon, B&N, other online booksellers, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc. The more reviews, the more "credible" the book looks.

Oh, and please be nice about spoilers once you've read it.

Though I must say that not everyone at my old publisher deserves to suffer. There are some cool people there. For instance, they invited me to their party during WorldCon, which is a cruise. I noticed that the cruise lasts from 8 to 11, making it a (dun dun dun!!!) three-hour tour, which we know from television reruns is doomed to disaster. I mentioned that in my response and asked if there would be someone on board who can make radios out of coconuts. The response was "If we somehow get off course and end up on a deserted island somewhere in Lake Michigan, I believe we will have a wealth of knowledge on board… enough to found our own society and eventually build a spaceship that will get us off the island." So at least they're planning for that.

However, it would be very fun to be able to swan around the party as a bestselling author that they missed out on, so tell everyone you know about this book!
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