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My accomplishment of the morning was figuring out what to wear for Easter. I'm in the choir, so I spend the morning in a choir robe and no one sees my clothes other than when I'm entering and leaving the building or when I'm hanging out with the choir between services. The choir loft has been chilly lately, but it can get sauna-like in those polyester robes, so I don't want to wear anything too heavy or that can't be easily washed. Still, it's Easter, so I feel like I should look semi-nice, and my usual mostly black and red wardrobe doesn't seem right. I had a very vivid dream last night in which I found a skirt in my closet that would work perfectly with a purple t-shirt I have, except I don't actually have the skirt from my dream. I did decide on something and tried it all on, so I can have it staged and ready to go for when I have to leave the house ridiculously early Sunday morning.

My accomplishment yesterday was getting an almost clean house. The loft, my bedroom and the bathroom are now all tidied up. There's still some decluttering and organizing to do, but the space is mostly clear. It's a little unnerving. I think I was getting a wee bit obsessive, though. I had to restrain myself from going over the bathroom cabinets with furniture polish. Not that it doesn't need to be done, but I do still need to get to the living room and kitchen/dining room. That's mostly in the tidying up category, plus doing the floors, so it shouldn't take me all day (famous last words!). Now we'll see if I can manage to continue the sorting/decluttering and maintain the current level of clean. The office is going to take a bit longer, but that's a door I can shut.

I'm rather looking forward to having it all done today and then lying on the sofa and just enjoying my surroundings. I should have picked up some fresh flowers when I was out yesterday. I've discovered the spot in the grocery store where they sell the "day old" flowers, and while some of the blooms have gone bad, you can take a bouquet apart and make a new arrangement.

Next week I'll have to get back on a more usual work schedule, as I have some planning to do and some brainstorming. Stay tuned for some announcements in the near future.

And now to finish the house cleaning in time that I can let myself rest before I have to go sing for a Good Friday service.

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