February 27th, 2017


Starting a New Book Day!

It’s Starting a New Book Day! Well, not exactly entirely, since I’ve already written a proposal on this idea, but since then I’ve done a lot of development work on it, and instead of revising what I’ve written, I’m going to make a fresh start. Which makes it essentially a new book. It’s my favorite part of the writing process, though it’s also scary to move something out of my head and onto the screen, since it seldom lives up to what’s in my head. Maybe I should have been a filmmaker because I see a movie in my head and try to transcribe it into words, which can be difficult. It might have been easier to just make the movie in my head as a movie. But then again, doing that would start with transcribing the movie in my head into a screenplay.

This is also when I’m going to try my new Deep Work plan. I have the entire afternoon blocked off for no Internet time at all so I don’t get my thoughts distracted, and I’m not trying to do anything on the to-do list other than write and a few other basic things. The rest of the other non-writing work stuff and most life stuff will happen on Wednesday, which will be my mid-week “weekend” and “adulting day.”

Doing the schedule thing last week resulted in me getting so much more done and also having more quality leisure time. I even scheduled the weekend to make sure I was doing the things I wanted to do instead of mindlessly wasting time. The trick for that is to be flexible and remember that this is something I’m imposing on myself. The purpose behind it is to think about how I’m spending my time, so if I think about it and make a conscious decision to go off-schedule, that’s okay. I’m just avoiding that “hey, where did the time go and how did I not manage to do anything?” sense.

Now off to do a few little things around the house while thinking about the book, and then I’ll dive right in!