February 24th, 2017


Ahead of Schedule

The book is done and off to my agent. Now I’ll just have to check the various files before it goes into production, write and revise cover copy, work with the cover designer, and attempt to do something resembling publicity.

I’m having a little trouble coming up with a schedule for today, but this is where a schedule is so important because free time tends to turn into wasted time unless I’m intentional about it. So, on a day in which I have some free time, how do I want to spend it?

I even have more free time because I woke up early this morning and figured I might as well get up instead of going back to sleep and waking up hours later. I know I need to take care of some business stuff — bookkeeping, bill paying, etc. I want to do some research reading. I was thinking about taking a long walk, but it’s very windy, so I’ll have to see how the afternoon looks. I need to review all my thoughts and notes on the current book. I need to practice my choir music and the harp and piano. If I don’t schedule these things, I’ll end up just checking Facebook and some message boards over and over again.

On the whole, the week of scheduling has gone very well for me. I’ve accomplished a lot and feel good about it. My house is a lot cleaner. There’s a visible difference in the office. I got the book done. I’ve been researching another book. I read a couple of books just for fun. I got back to working on the harp, which I’d let languish. The only thing I haven’t managed is exercise. Even when I schedule it, I end up finding something else to do at that time. On the bright side, that’s when I’ve been getting housework done. When I scheduled a walk, I vacuumed my bedroom and living room.

At the moment, I’m about an hour ahead of schedule for the day. Crazy!