February 23rd, 2017


Getting the Hang of Wednesdays

I know Thursdays are supposed to be the day it’s hard to get the hang of, but Wednesdays seem to be that for me. I think part of it is choir and getting ready for it. Part is that whatever enthusiasm I had at the beginning of the week is flagging. Yesterday, it didn’t help that water to the neighborhood was cut off for part of the day for repairs. I think the idea of making Wednesday a break day to do business will help. I seldom get much writing work done, and then I feel bad about that. But if I don’t plan to do that work and plan to do something else, then that functions like a break I don’t feel bad about, and I may get other stuff done.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of reading to do because Nebula nominations are out, and I need to read the ballot. I found almost all of the books at the library yesterday, so I’m getting a jump on the voter packet. In addition to reading in order to vote, I like getting the chance to read things I didn’t select, which forces me to expand my horizons. I feel like I learn a lot from this kind of reading. One positive effect of my scheduling has been more reading time. I’m really enjoying that.

I’m getting close to the end of proofing this book. Then I need to write cover copy, and then I’ll be mostly done, other than checking the formatting files, working with the cover designer, and doing all the promotion stuff. I’m already looking forward to getting on with the next project. That will start on Monday. I had grand plans to start Friday after the proofing is done, but I think I need to do a little more prep work, and then I’m going to have a very social Saturday (two events!), so I probably will have better momentum if I start the writing on Monday.

Now, off to do more proofreading.