February 16th, 2017


Cave Mode

In spite of the current lovely weather, I seem to be in “cave” mode. Here’s how the progression of planning errands has gone this week:

I’ll need to get groceries this week, and then there are some things I need at Target. I’ll do a combined Target/groceries run on Wednesday morning, since that will be half-price chocolate day, and I have to go to choir Wednesday, anyway.

Wednesday morning:
I don’t actually need any groceries right now. If I buy milk today, it might go bad before I use up the current milk and the new milk. I’ll go grocery shopping later in the week, and I can run by Target on my way to choir in the afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon:
Rats, the coupons for the things I was going to get at Target have expired, and I was just getting them to stock up, not because they were needed, so I don’t really need to go to Target. And, considering that I still have some of the chocolate from last Valentine’s Day left, I don’t even need to hit the clearance sale. I’ll just go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Thursday morning:
I still don’t really need milk, though I might tomorrow. I am out of bread, though. Maybe I can bake bread. Or, since I have to go out tonight, I can run by the store on my way home and grab bread and milk, and then I won’t have to go anywhere at all tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the weekend, when I’m baking bread and scrounging up creamer packets from hotel coffee “condiment” packs to put in my tea rather than going to the grocery store. But really, timing the milk purchase is critical, buying it at a time when I’m not already out completely but not so soon that the new gallon will go bad. We’ll see if I manage to make it to the option evening activity tonight.