February 15th, 2017


Planning for the Weekend

I’m getting close to being done with this book. I went over the copyedits yesterday and made the minor corrections — the typos, punctuation, etc. Now I do one more editing pass to make sure that fixing the copyedits didn’t introduce new errors and to check on some continuity things the editor flagged. This is probably my toughest edit because I’m looking at everything. I hope to get that mostly done this week. And then comes the most time-consuming phase: reading the entire book out loud. That’s where I catch any remaining errors, awkward phrasing, or repeated words. It moves slowly, and I can only do so much of it at a time, so I generally work in half-hour increments with half-hour breaks in between, so I don’t fry my voice. And then I should get the book off into production on next Friday. Then I can get back to that proposal.

I’ve already decided that this weekend is going to be dedicated to a massive house cleaning project. Any time this weekend after the house is clean will be reading time, so any housework I get done during the week will increase my weekend free time. I hope that helps provide an incentive. I have a couple of library books I really must get read.

My Saturday afternoon break will be a visit to an open house. They have one scheduled in that house I’ve been keeping an eye on, so I can get a sense of the scale and decide if it really is “my” house or if I want something else and would be better off waiting. It’s really small, but it’s still larger than where I live now, so whether or not it would work for me depends on how the space is used. I’d really rather not move until the fall, but I guess a lot of it depends on what’s available and when.

And now I need to go think of things to do to torture small children tonight. I need to mix up my choir lesson plans because I’m afraid they’re on to me.