February 10th, 2017


Development vs. Procrastination

Okay, so I didn’t end up starting to write. I was reviewing my notes to remember all the stuff I developed, and then I got to the notes I took from my agent’s input and found there were some things I needed to develop more. Sometimes, research and development can turn into procrastination methods, but then there are also stories that falter because they aren’t developed enough. The trick is figuring out which is which. Considering that the problem with this story is that it wasn’t developed enough on the first go-round, I’m erring on the side of development. I feel like this was validated when I got the e-mail newsletter from a writing instructor whose seminars I’ve been to, and there was something mentioned in a newsletter article I realized I hadn’t quite developed properly that I know needs to be there, so I still have work to do.

Plus, I have a convention this weekend, and I’m not sure that starting to write before being out for three days would be smart. I can using the driving time to brainstorm and be ready to go on Monday, which is supposed to be nice and rainy.

I’ll be at ConDFW in Fort Worth this weekend. To be honest, I haven’t really put a lot of thought into this weekend. It kind of crept up on me, so I’m not that ready. I need to figure out what to read and think a little bit about my panels.

And now I guess I’d better start doing that.