January 27th, 2017


Book Brain and the Budget

I got my draft done last night. Now I need to fix it. I’ve already thought of some adjustments that need to be made to the ending, and I’m sure that a lot of words will need to be made prettier.

It’s funny how much better I slept last night after getting to the end. It’s like my brain couldn’t really rest until the story was done.

Ideas are already starting to swirl for other projects that are getting impatient for attention.

One thing I’ve noticed is that being so intently focused on a book is good for my budget, and not just because writing a book means having a book to sell, which means I make money. When I have a bad case of book brain and don’t want to do anything else, I’m not doing stuff like going out to eat, going to movies, or doing recreational shopping. When I need to shop for necessities, I feel like it’s an intrusion on my writing time, so I make a list and then have a very focused shopping trip in which I go straight to the things on my list, get them, then get out of the store. There’s no wandering around and browsing or being tempted by things that aren’t on my list.

So, I guess I should stay intently focused on books more often. That is kind of the goal for this year, to get more books out there, which means more writing. I have long-term goals and plans that require some short-term sacrifices.

And now off to fix the book. And make a quick grocery run, just for the items on my list.