January 23rd, 2017


Closing in on the End

I have a new stove! It actually came early. The delivery was set for sometime between 2 and 6, but I got a call at around 11:45 asking if I’d be there if they came in 45 minutes. I had to scramble to get things ready, but I was fine with that, and it was all set up and they were gone by 1, so my afternoon went uninterrupted. I cooked dinner on it that night, and I baked something for breakfast on Saturday, then used both the stove top and oven for Sunday dinner. According to my oven thermometer, it seems to be running a bit cool, and the “oven on” light clicks off before it’s heated to the proper temperature. After years of an oven that was much hotter than the temperature on the knob indicated, it’s going to take some trial and error to get used to this one. I may use it for a few weeks before I do anything to recalibrate the knob.

And now I have about a week to finish this book. I may have about two days of writing to get my rough draft done, depending on how much gets done (I’m having to go back and adjust a few things to get where I need to be), and then there will be a frenzy of revision. I imagine I won’t have much of a weekend next weekend. I’ll be holed up with the computer, doing a marathon of editing.

Then I may allow myself a day or two to breathe and get my life back in order, and then I’ll get to work on fixing that proposal I’ve been working on. After that, the plan is to develop an Enchanted Universe novella — a shorter piece set in the Enchanted, Inc. universe but about one of the secondary characters, like that free short story, but a bit longer. I have several ideas, but I haven’t narrowed down whose story will get told this time.

But first, I must finish the book. Off to work …