December 24th, 2012

holiday shopping

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe it's actually Christmas Eve! I've spent a rather lazy morning, but now I need to get my act together to be ready for tomorrow. I have two services to sing for tonight, and then I need to be ready to get up and on the road first thing in the morning because there's a winter storm coming in. According to our local TV weatherman, the one who's a real weather geek, there won't be any frozen precipitation in the morning (I asked him directly on Facebook), just showers and maybe some storms, but those are more likely farther east. The car is gassed up, and I had the oil changed and all the other stuff checked last week, so I should be good to go. And, yes, Mom, I'll be sure to have a blanket, a Thermos of tea and a bottle of water in the car.

I've had a really good Christmas season so far, getting together with old friends I don't see often, as well as my current friends. I've gone to parties and looked at lights. I've watched way too many sappy romantic holiday movies. Last night was my annual viewing of The Holiday. Tonight I may watch last year's Christmas episode of Haven between church services (I don't have time for a full movie).

I leave you with a couple of views of one of the places I visited this year. Grapevine, a smallish (well, not any more, but the core of it is still "small Texas town") does the historic downtown up well, and here are some pictures I took. I think this will be the town that's attacked in my Christmas romantic comedy disaster movie.


Now to go do laundry, pack and wrap presents. I have to sing the Hallelujah Chorus twice tonight, so I need to save my voice (the soprano part can be kind of brutal). A very merry Christmas to those who celebrate!