December 14th, 2012

holiday shopping

Fun Holiday Links

It's a lovely gray day, and maybe I'll finally get some writing done. I've been so distracted all week. But first, there's a batch of cookies I need to make (well, okay, want, but I need some gingerbread to go with my Gluhwein). I even found part of my final Christmas gift in a very unexpected place. I still need one more thing and will go on a quest for it next week, if I don't stumble upon it elsewhere before then.

This weekend isn't going to be quite as busy as the last one because my Sunday is free, but I've got a group outing to see The Hobbit tomorrow and then plans with a friend tomorrow night. After that, I have the choir Christmas party Tuesday, which I'll pop into on my way to ballet class, and then we're having a ballet class "party" after class. Then my only remaining pre-Christmas social event will be a friend's birthday dinner. Unless someone comes up with something else. Which I may have to decline on account of already having plans, even if they are with myself. I'm way behind on reading this month.

My brain has kind of melted, so I'm going to share links instead.

First, I have a friend who does a really elaborate animated light display at his house. This year, he used a song that I thought was really good. It sounded like something from a modern rock-opera version of A Christmas Carol. But it turns out that it's a parody of a Britney Spears song (which explains why I didn't recognize it). So, I present "Ebenezer."

And then, for your Christmas shopping needs, I present The Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog. Caution: language alert. Don't click if four-letter words offend you. After reading this, I want to propose a "more money than sense" tax on all purchases made from this catalog. It could help balance the federal budget. But I bet I could sell my meringue mushrooms to these people for about $50 a batch.