December 4th, 2012

promise tea

The Elixir of Life

I think I've solved the main problems I need to fix in revising the current project. Now I just need to see about implementation. Mindless busy work seems to be the key. I spent some time yesterday afternoon listening to this book's "soundtrack" while washing dishes and sorting through the mail pile, and that seems to have unlocked something. I may uncover the secrets of the universe by just cleaning my whole house.

Or I could just drink tea. There was an article in the newspaper this morning (that I found online) about the health benefits of tea. One of the benefits is that it "improves cognitive function" by improving blood flow to the brain. So there's a good reason for me to brew a pot of tea for my writing sessions. It really is the elixir of life.

I've developed a minor new TV addiction that's rather out of character for me. I saw a post online somewhere about a new show on TBS called Wedding Band, about a band that plays for weddings and special events, and the post mentioned some unusual arrangements of songs. I'm a sucker for odd remixes of familiar things, so I checked it out OnDemand, and have found it rather hilarious, even if it's raunchier than I tend to like. What I do like is the music. This band adapts itself to the theme of the wedding or event, so they may do stuff like play a Renaissance-sounding version of "YMCA" at a fantasy-themed wedding held at a science fiction convention. Or they did a rather good version of "Don't You Forget About Me" at a funeral. The plots do tend to center on the arrested development overgrown manchild theme, since all these adults are still trying to live their rock star dreams, with only one of them being married with kids and a "real" career, but there is a rather endearing sweetness underlying it all with the joy of being in a band and with their friendships with each other. There are a number of geeky in jokes, and for more geekiness, you get to see what might happen if Derek Reese from the Terminator TV series, Walt's dad from Lost and the freakishly tall psychologist from NCIS: Los Angeles had a band. Supposedly, the actors are all actually playing the instruments and singing (I looked it up, and in the behind-the-scenes material they talk about their musical backgrounds and how they actually do rehearse together as a band) and I haven't detected any obvious signs of AutoTuning (they sound like real people singing, not robots, unlike much of the cast of Glee). So, if you like playing "name that tune" or seeing what might happen at a redneck-themed wedding held at a country club, it's surprisingly addicting. It's becoming what I pull up OnDemand when I need a good laugh.

And now, I have business stuff to attend to, like bookkeeping and nagging people for information, before I can get to work on revisions.