November 27th, 2012

holiday shopping

Holidays for Introverts

I finished proofreading Book 7 and sent it off to my agent yesterday. I took a bit of a break the rest of the day, but now I've got to get back to work. I've got to proof the layout for one more sales venue for book 5, and then I've got revision notes on another project to review before I chat with my agent about it later this week. And meanwhile, I'm continuing research for an upcoming project.

I'm having one of those days when I really don't want to leave the house, and yet I kind of need to get milk. The last time the only thing I needed to get was milk, I ended up being seduced by a shop near the grocery store, where I found a killer dress I wore to the wedding last weekend. But even that thought wasn't enough to entice me today (I don't really need another killer dress). I think I can get by for one more day, and if I get really desperate, I can always stop by the store on the way home from dance tonight. It's just such a perfect working day, cool and cloudy, and I don't want to waste it.

Thanks for the book recommendations. I now have enough options that I think I'm set for my holiday reading time, assuming I let myself have that time. My evenings are pretty solidly booked already. I've got dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays and choir on Wednesdays. I've got two Saturday nights booked and one Sunday night. There's going to be one weekend that's absolutely insane, so Friday may be veg night that weekend. And I think the weekend before Christmas will be pretty quiet for me. That'll probably be my big "take a moment" time because all the crazy stuff will be done, other than the two Christmas Eve services and the trip to my parents' house.

This may be one of those "you know you're an adult when …" things. You know you're an adult when the holiday season hasn't even started and you're kind of looking forward to it winding down so you can relax. Or maybe that's just introverted adults and others actually enjoy being so busy. I do enjoy all the stuff that happens, but it is tiring for a raging introvert. The local paper had an article this morning about survival tips for introverts (I don't know if that link is behind a paywall -- they do have all kinds of sharing options for the article, so maybe not). But most of those are about finding those moments to recharge while around people. With me, it's not so much alone time (though that's important, too) but home time. I get twitchy without enough home days. My idea of a great day is one in which I don't have to get in the car. Which is why I now need to get to work, so I can earn enough money writing to not have to get a job that requires going to an office every day.