November 14th, 2012


Tackling the Chair of Doom

I would normally be answering Enchanted, Inc. questions today, but I don't seem to have any that I haven't answered, though it's entirely possible that there are some buried in my in-box that I've forgotten. It's been one of those weeks. It's just hit me how much I need to get done between today and next week. Really, how much I need to get done between today and tomorrow.

Tonight I have children's choir, and I need to pick up some supplies for that because we're making some instruments to play with. I also have the furnace guys coming out tomorrow morning to check the new heater before I use it for the first time, which means I need to clean/straighten up the bedroom and bathroom to clear a path for them and get my stuff out of the way. The Chair of Doom is piled rather high with clothes, since the rapidly changing weather means that I sometimes need two or three changes of clothes a day -- start the day in warm clothes, switch to short sleeves in the afternoon, then add a sweater in the evening or change into something nicer to leave the house. That means a lot of things that I wear only for a couple of hours and put aside to wear again for another couple of hours. I also need to buy a couple of wedding presents and some Christmas presents for people I'll see at Thanksgiving but probably not at Christmas.

Meanwhile, I really need to start proofreading that book and brainstorming titles. Yesterday, I just did research reading for the next project and had a few goosebump moments. This project is something I came up with when I was in college. I did all the plotting and world building in my early twenties. In my reading yesterday, I found a real-life historical parallel to the situation I developed, right down to the supernatural explanation that was given at that time, which maps beautifully to what I'd plotted. And yet this was a period of history and an aspect of that time frame I hadn't heard of until I read it yesterday. It wasn't a period I ever studied formally in school or even read a lot about before the last ten or so years. It's rather freaky that I had something happen in my fantasy world that actually did happen in the real world (or, at least, that's what people at the time believed happened) that I had no way of knowing had happened. This event was just a side note to the subject I was reading about, so I have a whole new line of research to do. I will try not to cackle with glee (I love research).

But now to go put clothes away and otherwise shovel out what happened to my house while I was sick and then working on a book. I had been so good, but I really let things slide. But hey, now I have an incentive for getting the house in shape for the holidays.