November 8th, 2012

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The Book That Ate My Brain

Those of you who've bought paper copies of No Quest for the Wicked may have noticed some odd little printing quirks where it looked like HTML was inserted at random. It turns out that there was a conversion error when CreateSpace took our (very clean) file and put it into the format. That error has now been corrected, so any copies ordered after this week will be correct (until I discover something else they messed up -- we're on round four for this book). We're working to see if there's some way those who got the bad copies can get something done, if having a perfect copy is important to you, but I don't have the answer on that yet. It's more weird than disruptive, and hey, you now have a collector's item. For future books, I may be doing the interior formatting myself. I have the templates and specs and will be working on that to see if I can do it. I would certainly be faster, and I'm probably more obsessive.

I'm so very, very close to being done with this round of revisions on the current book. There are about twenty more pages in the book, and I think I can keep most of them. I will likely be adding more pages because there's stuff I forgot to incorporate. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate that stuff. This is the part of the book where, in the first draft, I was just flinging things in. In the synopsis, it was something like "and then the good guys win," and I thought I'd figure it out by the time I got there. But I didn't. And now I really have to.

That means I may not be going to dance class tonight. I'm a bit sore still from Tuesday, and if I'm close to being done with the book I may not want to break the momentum. I may be making up my September classes well into the next semester, but I think my teacher is pretty understanding. I'm seeing that it's not just the expense that keeps me from taking two classes a week. It really is a time crunch.

We had children's choir for the first time in weeks last night, and they were as crazy as always. The attention span was down to about thirty seconds. I tried a new game that may have been too advanced for them, so I may see about modifying it for them. Next week, I'll have a craft project for them (we'll be making some instruments). I just have three more sessions until the Christmas break, but that also means three sessions to learn a new song to sing in church. Eep.

And I still don't have a title for this book. I may have to call it The Book That Ate My Brain. But I say that about every book I write.