November 5th, 2012

blue box

Hooray for Monday!

You know you love your job when you actually like Mondays. To me, Mondays are quiet, restful days, especially after a weekend like this one. I had two parties, one on Friday night and one on Saturday. Neither ran all that late, but they still made for long days. There was a surprise impromptu Doctor Who discussion late in the Friday party. That wasn't a geek gathering, which was why the initial reference was a surprise (I don't think the person who made it expected anyone else to get it), and then there was the usual sort of moment of connection you get when you find that someone else has the same geeky interest that you weren't expecting to find in that sort of group. A lot of the people were talking about favorite wines, and then suddenly Doctor Who comes up.

Am I being a shameless namedropper if I say that the Saturday party was at Rachel Caine's house? I've known her forever, so occasionally I forget that one of my friends is a famous bestselling author.

After singing for two services Sunday, I just came home and collapsed. Now, thanks to the time change, I was up and going earlier than normal (in spite of staying up way too late), and I'm hoping that will make for a productive day, since I have a lot of work to do. I got a scene revised on Friday, then realized that I did it wrong. I'd planned how to revise it, then didn't follow the plan, and upon further reflection I decided the plan was right. What happened was that I wasn't willing to stray that far from what was already written. That's why this seems to be a two steps forward, three steps back process. I often find several scenes later that a much earlier scene that I've already revised was still wrong, so I have to backtrack.

I think I say this with every book, but this book may be the death of me. I knew the story would be challenging when I came up with it. I just didn't realize how challenging. I'm pretty sure I'll come out of this a better writer.

Now I just have to step away from the Internet for the afternoon, turn off the phone (strangely, I'm not getting political calls, but I am getting at least one "we're a remodeling company doing some work on one of your neighbors' homes, and while we're in your area, we can stop by and give you a free estimate" calls a day -- I guess the high-tech version of the guy in a truck who rings your doorbell and tells you he just did some work on a neighbor's house and has some material left over, so he can give you a reduced price for doing work on your house) and get some work done.