October 29th, 2012

dalek tea

Still More Follow-Up

This was Halloween party weekend, and wouldn't you know, I never even got out my camera to have someone take a picture of my costume. Nothing has even shown up on Facebook. I must have been functioning in stealth mode. Which would make a good costume, but I'd have to find a way to represent it in costume form. But then if it was too clever, there would be a lot of pictures taken of it, which would mean it, by definition, wasn't stealth mode.

This is kind of a week off for me because I don't have children's choir or choir rehearsal. I'm going to try for two dance classes, but I turned my ankle on Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. It never swelled up at all, and it seems to be entirely functional, just a bit stiff and not so much sore as feeling a bit "different," so we'll see if I'm up to dancing tomorrow if I continue resting it today. In the future, if my leg falls asleep while I'm sitting at my desk, I will wait until feeling returns completely before I try going down the stairs. Fortunately, it was only stepping off the last step onto the floor when I suddenly couldn't feel where the floor was and the foot wouldn't take my weight, so I didn't actually fall. I just stepped badly. Actually, in the future I should probably sit properly at my desk instead of twisting myself up into odd positions in my chair that lead to my legs falling asleep. Ergonomics are our friend.

I came up with a really cool new twist to throw into the current book that I think is totally in character (and not doing it wasn't in character). And I think I've found another issue that means I'll have to go back a few chapters to fix it. I sometimes feel it's two steps forward, three steps back. But I do know what needs to be done today, and I have nothing else to do other than rest my slightly sore ankle.

Revisiting my gripe about the premise of Easy A: I found a message board discussion about it, and a lot of the posters there seemed to have the same problem I had with the idea that anyone in a California high school in this day and age would care about a rumor that a "nobody" that no one even knew had had sex. But someone pointed out that the entire movie was her telling her side of the story, so she's not an entirely reliable narrator. I'll have to watch it again sometime to see if this works, but that poster said that the only people we actually see confronting her about it are members of that hyper-religious group. Otherwise, she just feels self-conscious, like she thinks everyone is looking at her and talking about her. That's when she puts on a bit of attitude, starts dressing a little different and walking with a bit of swagger, so people are more likely to notice her. The real rumors around the school only start after half the school is on the other side of the door when she's faking noisy sex during a party, and that would tend to give her a reputation, and it only escalated when she started agreeing to say that she'd done various things in order to enhance the reputations of all the school's losers. Now I can relax about that one issue that kept taking me out of the movie, though I'm still going to be irked that they were having the hyper-evangelical people coming from what appeared to be a mainline Protestant church.

While resting my ankle yesterday afternoon, I finally caught up with all of Elementary via OnDemand, and I really like that show. On the other hand, while I liked the pilot of Last Resort, I've only watched one episode since then. It seems to be something I have to be in the right mood to watch, and I have to actually watch it instead of using it as background noise, so I keep putting off watching it. In fact, I caught up on all of Elementary because I checked the episode expiration dates for Last Resort and found that I still have a few more weeks to get around to the first episode I still haven't watched. I've also found myself getting more and more into Chicago Fire, which isn't the sort of thing I normally like. It does make good background noise, and I like the characters enough to want to know what happens to them next.

And now for what I hope to be a productive writing day.