August 31st, 2012

dalek tea

WorldCon Day 2

I think it's day two of the convention. I've got my days all mixed up, so I have to keep double-checking what day it is.

My first panel yesterday seemed to have gone reasonably well. When people have recognized me later from being on the panel, they haven't pelted me with rocks or rotten vegetables, and I take that to be a good sign. The opening reception was at the planetarium last night, and they had telescopes set up. I got to see Saturn, with the rings visible. That was really cool. Then I got to look at the moon through the big telescope in the observatory. I also had a nice chat with someone I met at last year's convention. I made a brief pass through the party suites, but the parties here are taxing my ability to be around crowds and noise.

Today's been my "easy" day, business-wise. I lounged around most of the morning, then met a couple of local friends for lunch, upping my Chicago pizza count (I may turn into a pizza by the time I'm done, but that's fine, since pizza is one of nature's perfect foods). I attended one panel and found myself drifting off a bit (though not as badly as the guy behind me, who snored so loudly that the panelists noticed). The panel was on steampunk, and I found it interesting that the steampunk book I currently have on submission contained all the elements that the panelists said they wanted to see in a steampunk novel, including some that they were saying they wished more authors would do because they haven't seen it. So, basically, my book is the book the steampunk fans seem to have special-ordered. Hear that, editors?

Now I think I'm going to take a nap before tonight's publisher party, the infamous Three-Hour Tour. My emergency plan for this cruise is that if it looks like the boat's going to sink and we're all going to die, I'm going to find George R.R. Martin and make him tell me how A Song of Ice and Fire ends before we all die.

If I survive, then I have to do a reading in the morning and two panels in the afternoon, and then I'm part of a group hosting a party, so I guess I have to deal with the party crowds. I'll be the one hiding under a table.