August 3rd, 2012


It's Another CAKE Day

It is a really good thing I have CAKE supplies because today is really going to test my limits. It started with frustrating news. Then I went grocery shopping and ran some errands, and it seemed to be Who Let the Idiots Out? Day. There was the couple who apparently decided that the place to sit in their car and have some kind of discussion was in the middle of the entrance/exit lane for the library parking lot, and right down the middle, so there was no getting around them as they entirely blocked the parking lot that was full of parking spaces for, you know, parking. When I finally gave a short honk of my horn to draw their attention to the fact that they had blocked me in, they just backed up but stayed in the driveway instead of pulling into a parking spot. Just around the corner, I got behind a lady who decided that the four-way stop with no traffic coming in any other direction was a good place to do her makeup, and then I got stuck behind her at the next light, where she finished her makeup job during the green light, barely making it through on yellow, so I was stuck there for another cycle of the light. At the grocery store, the theme for the day seemed to be "park your cart diagonally across the aisle while you peruse the shelves and then act affronted when someone needs to get past." And then my favorite checker wasn't there to snap me out of my bad mood before I went home. I hope he's okay because this is around the same time I always go, when he's always there. Maybe he just got a day off.

But the fun wasn't over. I got home and found the sheetrock guys to fix the hole in my bathroom wall waiting on my front porch. The contractor had said he'd call to let me know when they were coming, and since I hadn't heard anything, I'd figured it would be next week, so of course they showed up the moment I left the house. The first call I had from him was a message saying his guys were there. Um, thanks, that's helpful. It was a good thing I was already so irritated by the drivers that I changed my mind about doing some additional shopping while I was out. And then there turned out to be a conference call I was supposed to be on at that time, but my invitation to it had bounced, so I just got the "why aren't you on the call?" message. Fortunately, that was able to be rescheduled so that I don't have to be dealing with a conference call with workmen in my house.

To heck with CAKE, I may need wine. And I may start the CAKE at lunch. I should probably avoid human interaction as much as possible for the rest of the day because they're all out to get me.

On the upside, I got more than 5,000 words written last night, and the US continued our women's Olympic gymnastics all-around streak.