May 25th, 2012


A Lost TV Series

The housework didn't get done, but I designed the master layout for the new web site and did a number of the mostly text pages. Now comes the hard work with the pages that are graphic-intensive, which will have to be completely redesigned. But I now have the cover for the new book, so I can do the whole site. I think all will be unveiled next week, if I get it done in time.

My one regret is that I can't find a way to use the original artwork in the new design. My friend Rob Chambers, who now does the web comic Meatshield, drew that art for me while I played with his twin babies. I loved the "magic" of having the rollover elements so that the fairy and the frog changed to "normal" people (or vice versa) when mousing over them, but I can't fit them in this layout, unless maybe I stick them in as Easter eggs in random places on the site, which could be fun. Then again, they've lived a long and useful life, considering that I believe these babies are now finishing second grade.

(I don't have cats, so I have to use other people's babies to fulfill my "cute Internet photos" quota.)

The web designing hasn't helped this week's nagging semi-insomnia. Last night, I was designing web pages in my sleep. On the up side, I've figured out how I'll work it into the site if I sell the projects I've got finished. With one, I'll just fit it in as a second series and all of this design should still fit, unless the cover is totally out of whack (I seem to have also dreamt giving descriptions and input into that cover -- the result was something that looked kind of like the Typical Urban Fantasy cover, but instead of the tattooed chick in black leather, it would be a woman who looks a lot like Amy Adams did in Leap Year, wearing a very 1950s floral dress with pastel cardigan, but still looking utterly terrifying). With another, I'd link to it from the front page but do a totally different master layout for pages relating to that book/series.

In other news, we finished the semester of ballet last night (I've completed four years now!) and we went to Sonic after class to celebrate. We sat on their patio and had milkshakes and talked. They have their own "radio station" for the sound system and were playing a lot of what are now considered oldies. One of the songs they played was "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates, and it brought back a memory of something I hadn't thought of in years. That song was popular when I was in eighth grade, and I developed an entire TV series based on it, with the idea to use that as the theme song for the opening credits (you know, back when TV shows had nearly full-length songs as opening credits). It was going to be a romantic comedy private detective show, with detectives from rival agencies who were always trying to undermine each other and snag the big clients, but then they'd run across a real crime in what looked like a more basic divorce/corporate espionage type case and have to team up to solve it. They were always having to use disguises and fake identities to infiltrate things, so they didn't always recognize each other but were always attracted to each other. Mind you, this was before Moonlighting or Remington Steele and this kind of series wasn't all that common at the time but was on the horizon, so I was very cutting-edge. I'd even visualized exactly how the opening credits would work as synchronized to that song. Hearing that song last night, I could still see those opening credits. I bet I still have the notebook with all those ideas written in it lying around somewhere. It probably has Muppets on the cover.

Alas, I missed my true calling as a television writer, so the world will never see that series. It would have been awesome, though. Come to think of it, it would probably be a perfect fit for the USA network today.

And now it's Memorial Day weekend. Tonight will be taco night, and I think I'll watch the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie on ABC Family. Tomorrow night, one of the HBO channels is showing the most recent version of Jane Eyre, which I never got around to in the theaters. Then Sunday afternoon I'm singing in a patriotic concert for Memorial Day at church (with ice cream afterward). And then I'll take my "holiday" early next week, since Memorial Day is also my dad's birthday. Posting may be sparse next week. Have a great holiday weekend, and take a moment to remember those who served and gave their all.