May 18th, 2012


Fall TV

I did finally sort of overcome the procrastination/don't wannas yesterday and do some of that work, but then quickly melted under pressure. One of the things I need to do is update my web site, but the files and software for that are on the old computer that can't access the Internet anymore. I found that there is a new version of the software that will work on the new computer, and it will supposedly open files from older versions, so I downloaded their trial version to check. It did open the files, but there seems to be a problem with the graphics, as the software is looking for the graphics in the resources folder via the path on the old machine, which has some different names on the new machine. I may have to delete and re-insert all the graphics, because otherwise even updating one bit of text will mean the software sees all the graphics as changes and will change that throughout the site. And if I'm going to do that, I may as well redesign the whole web site and make it obvious it's been updated. The new version of the software has a lot more bells and whistles, features and functions. But boy, is that tedious work. It may have to wait for next week.

However, the new skirt worked out beautifully in ballet class, and the teacher even complimented me on it. It did lack somewhat in twirlability, which any little girl can tell you is the most important thing in a skirt, but it wasn't really designed to twirl, since its main function is to cover the behind, and it's not doing that if it's twirling. The teacher did tell me I have to move up to the intermediate class in the fall so there can be a true beginning class and she doesn't have to try to teach so many different levels in one class. I guess after four years I can't consider myself a beginner anymore. The intermediate class for adults used to be more of an advanced class, with a different teacher, and most of the people in there were really experienced dancers -- like, former professionals who were no longer dancing professionally but who wanted to stay in decent shape. But that class kind of dissolved, and my teacher will be starting a new true intermediate class in the fall.

Now for some geeky news and stuff. The movie Battleship opens this weekend, which means we also get the SyFy channel Saturday night "mockbuster." Their version is called American Warships. There's a chance this one might come close in quality to the big-screen movie (not that this is something to aim for). I have to get up early Sunday morning, but I may take my shower beforehand and then make some popcorn and watch in my pajamas.

Meanwhile, tonight is the season finale of Grimm. And then my Friday nights will become a vast wasteland for a while -- especially with the news that SyFy is moving Haven to the fall. On the up side, Grimm and Haven will make a delicious cross-network double feature. On the down side, I have to wait that much longer to see how they resolve that insane cliffhanger, and the season premiere date is the Friday night of FenCon. I managed to get home in time to watch last year, but then I spent the weekend feeling very frustrated about not being able to discuss it with friends who hadn't seen the episode because they were at the convention. I may have to do what I did when the release of the last Harry Potter book came during a convention and force myself to wait until Sunday night to watch. After nearly a year of waiting, what's a couple more days?

And it's a good thing that they're moving something worth watching to the fall because I'm pretty blah about the new season. On the bright side, there were no cancellations that made me sad, but on the down side, there aren't that many new shows that have me very excited. There are a few things that may be interesting and that I might try watching if they fell into my open slots, but all the shows that look moderately interesting are either opposite something I already watch or on at a time when I probably won't be home (though I don't know what my dance class schedule will be for the fall). So, there are a lot of shows that I'm hoping will be available OnDemand but that I probably won't make much effort to watch otherwise.

But, hey, that leaves more time for reading and writing!