April 30th, 2012

blue box

Jazz Meditation

I had the kind of weekend that I need a weekend to recover from, but I don't really have that luxury this week. Still, it was worth it. I went to a jazz festival on Saturday and spent nearly eleven hours sitting outside, listening to live jazz. The University of North Texas is known as one of the best jazz music programs in the world, and they were showcasing all their groups. They have nine jazz big bands, and they played back-to-back on Saturday, going from the least prestigious to the elite band that gets nominated for Grammy awards. The first band was really good, but there was a slight but noticeable improvement as the day went on.

Listening to jazz is like meditation for me. I can just sit and be, so it was emotionally relaxing, but I have a feeling that sitting outside, in the sun for part of the afternoon, with possibly not enough food or drink (because you don't want to do anything crazy like miss some of the music while going to stand in lines at food booths), may have worn me down a little. Or it could be that I got home around 11 that night and had to get up at 6:30 the next morning because I was singing for the early service. Then last night we had a thunderstorm after I'd been asleep for a little more than an hour, and it took me forever to get back to sleep after all the thunder and lightning.

So, I'm dragging a wee bit today. I think I need to put on some jazz and lie on the sofa. But work must be done. It's business-related stuff for a project that I will likely be able to announce tomorrow, so stay tuned.

In other news, I need a writing-related question to answer this week. Ask away!

And as someone who loves playing with fairy tales, I am still giggling outrageously at this week's Grimm and the way they're using those tropes in a modern setting. Because of course the planning commission goons that expect a payoff to approve bridge construction would be trolls. The only problem is if they hit all the twists I'd like to do before I can get to them.