April 13th, 2012


Encountering the Invisible Man

This morning was errand day, and thus the late post. But now I have enough groceries for the next couple of weeks. I bought a lot of produce, and now I must eat it all. This is a tricky time of year for menu planning because I'm transitioning from "winter" foods to "summer" foods, and neither really seem right. Winter foods are too heavy but summer foods aren't totally in season yet. There aren't even any recipes I'm really dying to try. But I do need to eat more vegetables, and thus I have cauliflower, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts.

I had a rather strange moment as I left the grocery store. A store employee was nearby, and as I entered the parking lot he said, "Ma'am, can you see me?" At first, I worried that maybe I'd been lost in my own little world and snubbed him, but then when I looked over at him, he indicated his orange safety vest, and I said that yes, I did see him. He said, "The right answer was: 'Hey, who said that?'" I told him I had superpowers that allowed me to see invisible things. It turned out that he'd been reprimanded for going into the parking lot to retrieve shopping carts without wearing the safety vest, and he was snarking about the orange vest being the only thing that kept him from being invisible. It sounded like someone had been spreading some management around in that store because I also overheard some of the people in the bakery griping about some nitpicky reprimand they'd been given.

I think there's a story in there about some magical item that can make an invisible person visible, like the opposite of an invisibility cloak. Or maybe not so much invisible to visible, but from overlookable to someone everyone notices.

And, yes, you know you're a writer when going to the grocery store triggers story ideas.

I really must start working on something or I'll go mad. Yesterday, I vacuumed the house, even though it was already clean, and then rinsed out the vacuum's filters. But I'm in an awkward position of waiting to hear back on a few things, and anything I start would then have to be put on hold to work on something more pressing. I guess I can do brainstorming and plotting/planning so my subconscious can keep working on it while I deal with whatever else comes up next. Today, my subconscious will have to work while I do some baking. I have to keep moving or my thigh muscles might lock on me. Last night's ballet class was really tough. As the teacher said, if it were easy, there'd be more guys doing it. And I think I need a new Live Journal ballet icon saying something to that effect: "Ballet: if it were easy, there'd be more guys doing it."