April 10th, 2012

dalek tea

Musings on a Day Off

I guess I'm really not good at relaxing unless there's something else I should be doing. I did some reading but got very fidgety. Every chapter or so I'd be up looking for something to do. I found a web site with vocal warm-up exercises and the vocal parts for some opera arias and then determined that I probably have more of a Mozart voice than a Puccini voice. I might even be a mezzo-soprano rather than a soprano. It's tricky to figure it out exactly because I have a soprano range and it's easier for me to sing high than it is for me to sing low, but my lower range sounds better. I sing second soprano in choir, mostly because I read music well enough to sing harmony, but occasionally get switched to the first part when they need a big high note, but then the men tend to really like it when I sing low. Given my size and my voice, if I'd pursued this seriously, I'd have probably spent my career playing boys in comic operas (female mezzo-sopranos or sopranos seem to play most of the boy roles). Apologies to my neighbors for all the warbling. I'd forgotten I had windows open while I was singing.

Then since my mom brought me some kale, I made kale chips, which was kind of an experiment. They were pretty good -- not a direct substitute for potato chips (because when you want chips, you really want chips) but a much healthier alternative when you just want something salty and crunchy.

I also re-cleaned the house from Sunday's activities. Now I'm actually almost kind of eager to get to something resembling work, even if it does involve finishing my business taxes and rewriting a marketing plan. Then I can really enjoy any goofing off I do instead of doing those things.

I think I need to start writing another book before I go mad. During all the recent lottery mania, people were talking about whether or not they'd quit their jobs if they won that kind of money. I don't think I can quit my job. It would be nice not to have to worry about making a living with my work, but I don't think I could stop writing. I might not try to deal with publishers and might even just write for my own amusement, but if I'm not writing I feel a little lost.

I'm getting really close to getting on Wikipedia to find out what happens to the various characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire series so I can either give up reading entirely or so I can relax and know who it's safe to cheer for. But then the series isn't complete, so I can't know everyone's ultimate fate. I'm just at the point where something good has to happen to somebody, soon, please, before I can't take it anymore. I get that this is a tough world and these are tough circumstances, but some nice person could get at least a few minutes of real happiness without all kinds of dread hanging over their head without it totally ruining the sense of tension and conflict. However, Carmina Burana makes good background music for reading these books. Until I start singing along.