April 9th, 2012



I think today will be a holiday because I had a rather busy weekend. Actually, in my plan for the year I gave myself this day as a holiday, so maybe I should follow my plan. I sang for three services Easter morning, and it was mostly hard stuff. We went all-out classical, with a prelude taken from Verdi's Requiem and the Easter church scene from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana. Then I hosted my first family holiday meal, since my parents came over and we had Easter lunch at my place. It wasn't a big, fancy dinner, as I'm not really equipped for that and had been at the church all morning, but I did still host a family holiday meal. Does that mean I'm now a grown-up?

Now it's a nice grayish, fairly cool day, my house is clean, and I think I'm going to do some reading. I may do a little brainstorming work (trying to come up with a title for something), and I need to make some major adjustments to the Plan for World Domination based on decisions made last week (you don't often find nukes available that cheaply, and then once you have nuclear capability, it's much easier to recruit a better class of henchmen, and then that means changing the whole plan). But mostly, I'm going to rest because this year is going to turn out to be pretty busy.