March 16th, 2012

promise tea

Night of the Dark-Haired, Blue-Eyed Lawmen

And to think, I was worried about not having something to work on during spring break week. I've ended up doing more work than usual, since I've done the "crank it up to eleven" pass on the current book. Then there's another project that's going to take some time next week, and then I'll do a proofread pass on the current book, and then it looks like some things may be happening after that, though I don't know the timeline (and I'll announce when things become definite).

I guess I'm going to have to update the Plan for World Domination today because my timelines and priorities need adjusting. And I may need to get the Economy Size box of tea next time I go to the Indian market because there's a lot of stuff I'll need to/want to work on this year, especially if everything goes According to Plan.

Unfortunately, Grimm is a rerun tonight, but there is a new Phineas and Ferb and In Plain Sight comes back, so I will allow myself some time off this evening.

Hmm, Friday night seems to be the Night of the Dark-Haired, Blue-Eyed Lawmen, and scheduled just so that we get them year-round. We've got Nick the Portland detective on Grimm during the main TV season, and now Marshall the US Marshal of In Plain Sight is stepping in to get us into early summer. After that, Nathan the small-town cop/sometime police chief (between other chiefs blowing up or melting) on Haven takes us through summer and back to the fall in time for Nick to take over. Even though I don't have the kind of job that makes me long for Fridays (since I'm often working Saturdays), I have good reasons to look forward to Fridays.

And come to think of it, all three are my personality "types" in addition to being my physical type. They're the nice-guy "beta" guys, but that doesn't mean they're wimps. Marshall's the kind of guy who can talk his partner through emergency medical procedures when he's been shot -- while giving the scientific explanation behind the procedures. Nick is starting to own and earn the fearsome reputation he has in the creature community. Nathan is impervious to pain and very, very difficult to shock or surprise. I'm rather enjoying TV getting beyond the alpha-male jerk types as heroes.

Now we just need an Enchanted, Inc. series to throw Owen into the mix, though I guess he's not a lawman, technically. And he pretty much looks like Nick while having Nathan's personality and Marshall's intellect.

And now I must go revise the Plan before I get back to work.