March 5th, 2012

no tea

The Opposite of Spring Fever

My body seems to be switching out of hibernation mode, as I'm waking up earlier on my own, though being forced to get up way earlier yesterday may have helped. Then there's Daylight Savings Time starting next weekend -- when I have to do the early service yet again. I once went to a church that didn't observe the time change until after the service, which was a great idea. Strangely, though, the spring time change is usually the easier one for me.

In my quest to find something to work on during the spring TV hiatus while I don't have a book in the writing stage, I thought I'd look back at an unsold book to see if I can spiff it up and maybe self-publish on Amazon (because the work is mostly done and it would earn me more that way than it does on my hard drive). But now, although I love a lot about this book, there's a lot that bugs me, and I'm not sure I can put my finger on it. I think I went through too many rounds of revisions with my agent, and that edited the life out of it while also veering it away from my vision. My vision may not have been marketable, but what I'm left with isn't where I was originally going with it, I don't think (while, apparently, still not being marketable). So now I don't know if it's worth the work I'd have to do to make it something I'd be willing to put out there. Then again, I need something to work on right now, and it's farther along than anything else I've got. I may keep re-reading and see if I can figure it out.

Or I may try tackling short stories. That seems to be the way you get credibility in the science fiction/fantasy world. It's like you're a "real" writer if you publish a lot of short stories before you sell a novel. They've got the Nebula finalists available electronically for SFWA members, so reading those may give me ideas or inspiration. Then again, with my usual patterns, I'll start a short story and it will turn into a novel. I can't seem to help myself.

Meanwhile, I may start digging deeper into this mystery idea. I can't believe I'm actually getting itchy to want to work instead of wanting the opportunity to take time off while I can. I should be getting spring fever, but I just want to hole up and write. While I'm in this mood, I need to find something I can just write to take advantage of it.