February 6th, 2012

no tea

Yay, Monday!

It's really strange to be glad it's Monday, but I had a busy, semi-stressful weekend and I'm approaching my favorite part of the book I'm revising, so I'm glad to have a quiet day at home and I'm eager to work.

I should get a lot of work done because it's a fairly cold day today -- not normal winter cold, but not warm -- and if I turn off the central heat and bundle up in the electric blanket, then I won't want to move from my cozy writing spot and my only danger will be daydreaming, which does tend to happen when I'm bundled up all nice and cozy. The trick will be to focus the daydreaming on the book.

I'm going to try to frontload my work for the week so I can take a little time off Friday afternoon. They're releasing the season two Downton Abbey DVD this week, and that means I can marathon the rest of the series instead of waiting for two more installments on PBS. However, if the DVDs for this season are done like last season, the episodes will be edited differently than they were on PBS, which means some events happen in different places, and watching the remaining episodes on DVD will mean rewatching the entire series first. I know, it's a terrible hardship, right?

My choir director must be reading my mind (or my blog) about needing to find more opportunities to force myself to perform so it becomes less scary because he's assigned me to a quartet singing next month. Strangely, that's not as scary as singing solo even though I know my voice will stand out since I'm the soprano and that usually means it's the lead part. Give me a few more years and I might be willing to sing alone in front of people. I also got to try the "survive the worst-case scenario" technique yesterday, as things just sort of fell apart, but it wasn't my fault. I didn't do as well as I'd like, but I didn't do badly, especially under the circumstances, and so many other things that had nothing to do with me went wrong (like the pianist's pages sticking together so she couldn't turn pages and had to stop playing for a while to fix it) that the only thing we could do was laugh about it. As one of the guys said, the only thing that didn't happen during that song was a tornado hitting. And yet I survived and maintained a sense of humor about it. The song is still stuck in my brain, so I need a new earworm, but other than that I don't think I'm going to be scarred for life or set back in my recovery from stage fright.