January 23rd, 2012


An Allergy-fueled Downton Abbey Recap (no spoilers)

I thought I posted this earlier today and could swear I saw it up, but now it's not there, so I'll try again!

I finally finished what I think will be the last major draft of The Book That Will Not Die. I'd planned to start re-reading today it to make sure it still flows together (since there are months between the time I last read/worked on the beginning and the time I worked on the end), but a front blew in a dust storm from west Texas last night, and as a result I'm sneezing my head off, so I may give that set of people in my head a day off and spend the day with allergy drugs and doing some reading of and about mysteries. I'm not really up to editing today, and I'm definitely not up to forming words and putting them together in sentences that make sense (it's taken be about ten minutes to write this paragraph).

I had something planned to discuss today, but that forming words and sentences thing is being a problem, so I'll wait until I can do that better. So, for now I will discuss Downton Abbey in the only way I'm capable of at the moment:

Ooooh, pretty house. Pretty grounds. Pretty people. Pretty dresses. I wonder if I can do my hair like that. Pretty jewelry, and I don't even like jewelry all that much. Sigh. Thwarted love. Pretty people. Ew, evil, yucky, mean people. Meaningful gazes. Witty quip from the Dowager. Pretty people. Sigh. Ugh, now I have to wait for next week.

That oh so articulate recap is brought to you by whatever pollen/allergen blew in from Lubbock.