January 20th, 2012


The Imaginary People in My Head Take Over

Okay, so maybe today will be when I get the book done. I did some tinkering with the previous scenes, then got the next scene outlined in detail and then outlined the rest of the book, so while I didn't move forward in the manuscript, I think I still got a lot accomplished. I still have a little previous scene tinkering to do after changing my mind about something, but I should be ready to rock and roll and I don't have anything else that must be done today.

One thing I realized was holding me back was my clinging to a few elements that I thought were essential. Once I let myself let go of those, I figured out a better way to do things that made a lot more sense. Some of that involved going back to my original research (in the spiral notebook, which is why those are so essential), which offered some better alternatives. All this thinking started yesterday as a procrastination method, but now that I've done it, I'm pretty sure I'm eager to write today.

If I'm really good, I'll finish in time for TV night. Otherwise, I'll take a TV break (I can't miss Grimm) and then pull a late-nighter.

I'm sure I have other things to talk about, but I seem to have reached the stage where the book takes over the brain to the point I can't really talk or think about anything else. I'd better finish today or early tomorrow because I've got a party Saturday night and it would be nice to be able to interact with the real people around me rather than the imaginary people in my head. Then again, the geek quotient at this party will be rather high, so they might not even notice that I'm mostly interacting with the imaginary people in my head because they'll be too busy interacting with the imaginary people in their smart phones.