January 6th, 2012


Overanalyzing Disco

This morning's out-of-context Radio for Old People commercial line when my alarm went off: "Wow, Mom, I didn't know you had a sister!" The ad seemed to be for some nutritional supplement promising to improve your skin, hair and nails, and I think the idea was that the speaker thought she'd seen her mother's younger sister after seeing the results of the supplements, but it doesn't work if you think about it too much. I mean, if she's calling her "Mom" she knows she's not talking to the younger sister. I obviously missed something in the part of the commercial that happened before my alarm went off. And then the day's Patriotic Moment came on and I had to frantically turn off the radio because I just can't face "The Stars and Stripes Forever" within a minute of waking.

I found my BeeGees cassette and I may have to retract some of what I said about the meaningful relationship described in "How Deep is Your Love." It seems the deeply latent romantic sector of my half-asleep brain got all swoony over the line "I believe in you. You know the door to my very soul. You're the light in my deepest, darkest hour, you're my savior when I fall" and totally missed that the context seemed to be that they're in a physical relationship that the singer has realized means a lot more to him, and now he's trying to figure out if maybe she feels the same way. At least he is wanting a deeper relationship and he's not just proving his manliness by seeing how many women he can nail. And I have now officially overanalyzed the lyrics of a 70s disco song. Tune in next week when I do a literary deconstruction of the works of ABBA.

I know it's become a cliche to say "I never could get the hang of Thursdays," but I really didn't get the hang of yesterday. I did force myself out of the house for grocery shopping, so that I can now make a variety of meals out of the contents of my pantry and freezer, and I shouldn't have to go to a grocery store other than to get milk and fresh produce for several more weeks. Otherwise, it was a washout of a day. I couldn't even focus on a cleaning task. I gave up and read one of those paranormal mysteries I picked up at the library to research the genre. It sort of counted as "work" but was about all I could get my brain to do. We had a fairly dumbed-down ballet class to ease us back into it (and for the benefit of some brand-new people) and I still could barely keep my head around the combinations. I really must accomplish something today.

Speaking of those mysteries … with the idea of writing mysteries in the back of my mind, I've been reading the newspaper, looking for murder cases for inspiration, and one drawback for me in trying to do this may be my logical, literal brain. I can't find enough good potential murder cases in a large metropolitan area that actually has a higher per capita crime rate than New York City to sustain a series. In a smaller town, people would have to be dying at a rate that would draw national attention. And most of the murders aren't even mysteries, just people getting stabbed or shot at parties. There was a mass shooting nearby at Christmas, but the only mystery was motive. They know who did it. There has been one situation that might make a good mystery novel scenario because it's seemingly mysterious on the surface. In real life, it's not much of a mystery, but in a book you could turn it into a mysterious murder cleverly staged to look like an accident. I may have to clip that newspaper article -- and then immediately file it in a place where I know I can find it.

The Internet must be spying on me, since I've started seeing ads on site for closet organizing services after I've been writing about my cleaning project. Then there was the one suggesting I become a professional organizer. Um, yeah. That would go really well. I suppose it could be because I visit the Unclutterer site daily. Or it could just be the time of year when they know people are making resolutions to reduce clutter and it has nothing to do with the amount of time I've spent blogging about organizing.

Today's tasks (since I didn't do one yesterday): clean one of the desk drawers (my desk doesn't technically have drawers, but I have a plastic drawer unit under my desk) and one of the plastic storage bins in my office. It's possible that if I get around to redoing my office entirely, those will go and be replaced by some of those Ikea wall unit shelves with baskets or bins that slide out of them. But first I have to sort out the clutter to know what I'll need to be able to store and access.