January 5th, 2012

no tea

Officially Old

I was getting tired of sleeping way too late and throwing my whole schedule off, so I set my alarm this morning, and it turns out my problem isn't waking up, it's getting up. I was awake before my alarm went off, and then I lay around thinking for more than an hour afterwards. I haven't decided if this is entirely a bad thing. After all, thinking is an important part of my work, and does it really matter when or where I do it?

I did hit the snooze button a couple of times. I have my clock radio set to the "music for old people" station, and while I like their music mix, their commercials are awful. The first time the alarm went off, it came on in mid-commercial, just as some woman was saying, "After Hank took this pill, he was like a completely new man." I hit the snooze button quickly because I didn't really want more details than that about Hank. But I have a very literal mind, so I lay there thinking about how it might be kind of cool to have a pill that really could make someone into a new person. "I was getting tired of being married to Hank, so I gave him this pill, and now he's a completely different person." But that would only work if you could specify the kind of person he turned into.

The next time the alarm went off, the Bee Gees were singing "How Deep is Your Love," and you know, we may now think of that as 70s disco cheese, but that's a really good song. For one thing, the lyrics are lovely and are about the emotional and supportive side of a meaningful relationship, which is a big contrast to the songs now that seem to be more about casual hook-ups. Then the harmonies are so tight that you almost can't tell when the backup vocals join in, and you have to really listen to catch all three parts because they blend so well. And it has a really danceable beat. It would be good either for West Coast swing (push) or maybe a quick foxtrot. At any rate, you can do an actual dance to it and not just sway or gyrate. I think I still have a Bee Gees Greatest Hits cassette, and if it still works, I may have to play it.

I think I'm now officially old if I'm doing the "music from my day is so much better than today's garbage" routine. I would say that having music from my childhood playing on the "music for old people" station also makes me officially old, but this station does play selected current music, like stuff from Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman. It is kind of scary that their programming matches my music collection so closely when most of their ads are about planning for your retirement, finding a nursing home and that pill that makes Hank a new man.

I was back with the preschoolers last night, and they had some trouble adjusting. A couple of the kids who are usually quite good at coming in and getting involved without making a fuss were really reluctant and clingy. I think one of them wasn't feeling well, so I doused myself in hand sanitizer afterward, since I was the one she was clinging to and I just finally got over the last plague. My little love bug was her usual self, though. There's one little girl who's very sweet and affectionate, and she seems to have taken a liking to me because she just lights up every time she sees me and runs to hug me like she hasn't seen me in years. It's great for the ego, but then she does the same thing to her mom when her mom comes to pick her up.

Today I really need to get groceries to restock after purging the pantry this week, and I kind of desperately need a haircut. I'm having my picture taken for the church directory next week, and portraits tend to look funny when your hair is up, like you have no hair, but my hair is out of control when it's down. But I really don't want to go anywhere today. I didn't sleep well, then there was the lying around being an old person, and now I'm groggy. I suppose that means I should run errands so I can devote tomorrow to work.