January 4th, 2012


Cleaning Addiction and the Never-Ending Book

I had a panicky moment this morning when my Internet went out. Eep! What would I do? And for once, there was truly something I needed to be able to send, so it wasn't just that I'd be forced to work instead of reading TV message boards. But I just turned off the DSL modem and went to work on the day's cleaning job, the printer cart under my desk. It's a relic from the days of dot-matrix printers, where you had the top shelf for the printer, and then you fed the paper up from the bottom shelf through a slot in the top shelf. Now, since the current desk is only a flat surface with no drawers or storage (what was I thinking?) it serves to hold printing and mailing supplies. No interesting finds or purges on this one, just getting rid of an outdated phone book and organizing and dusting everything. The area around my desk already looks and feels a lot cleaner. And now, obviously, my Internet is up again. It was back when I finished my cleaning.

I'll get back to the every-other-week Wednesday writing posts next week. My brain is still struggling back into work mode. Choir and preschool choir starts again tonight, and ballet tomorrow night, and I think all that will jolt me back onto my usual schedule. I've also taken down the Christmas tree and will be putting it back in the garage today.

Yesterday I managed to plan/re-plan the rewrite of a pivotal scene, but I couldn't quite get my brain around writing it. Maybe that will happen today. I think maybe my usual all-or-nothing approach has kicked in with this organizing project, so it's all I want to think about or do. I really must get over that. All-or-nothing isn't a very productive way to live. But there is a kind of high to seeing visible progress in something that's been a nagging irritant for a long time, and I may as well go with it while I actually want to do this sort of thing. I just need to squeeze in some writing while I'm at it because one of my goals for the year is to finally finish this never-ending book.