December 5th, 2007


How to Find an Agent

I got the honor and privilege of participating in the Serenity Found anthology, and then I got the honor and privilege of interviewing Jane Espenson, the book's editor who also wrote for Firefly and Buffy and who is now on the (striking) writing staff for Battlestar Galactica about it for the web site Trashionista. You can read the interview here. Find out which celebrity Firefly reminds her of and which current show she thinks is most like Firefly (that answer may surprise you, but then it makes total sense when you think about it).

I lurk in or participate in a lot of writing forums, and while the enthusiasm of beginning writers can be contagious, it can also be alarming when it comes to the process of finding an agent or publisher. I see way too many people get so enthusiastic they get ahead of themselves and go off without knowing what they're doing. I recognize that finding an agent can be challenging, but if you go about it in the right way, you increase your chances of not making a fool of yourself or being taken in by a scam artist.

Therefore, I present Shanna's Handy-Dandy Process for Finding an Agent:
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